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This case is a representative hotel project undertaken by our company. First, the design cycle is long, five months; second, the design requirements are high, and 17 hotels in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen were inspected before and after entrusted by Party A; third, the original building structure is special, the height of the lobby is less than 3.5 meters, the lowest point of the guest room passage is only 2.3 meters, but the depth is 70 meters.


In the process of investigation, every hotel did not let go from design, furnishings, management and business model to every bedding, every object and every skin care product. In order to facilitate maintenance, we lift the bed board, direct push or pulley type is more convenient? In order to help guests sleep, how to control the sound insulation decibel 60 more reasonable? Capsule coffee machine and pure Italian coffee, bathroom rain forest shower with sufficient water pressure to create a sound shower experience, 37 Inch LCD TV, iPhone dedicated audio, free wireless network and excellent hotel intelligent system are all designed to present a new city business hotel.


With the maturity and continuous improvement of the hotel consumer market, consumers' cognition and demand for the hotel are also changing. Designers have a new understanding of the design definition of the hotel. They no longer only pursue tall and tall, no longer only pursue the theme and characteristics, but cater to the deeper needs of consumers, that is, experience, experience!

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